I Sought the Lord

November 9, 2017




Psalm 34:4. 

I sought the Lord and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. 











Sought - To go in search or in quest of. 

Answered - To act or move in response to. 

Delivered -  To set free or liberate. 

Fears -  The  feelings of dread  or  apprehension;  something  a person  is afraid of; anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will occur.  


I searched for the Lord and he acted in response to my quest; He set me free from the things that caused feelings of dread and apprehension, He liberated me from the things that I was afraid of.  


What kinds of things do I search for?  My phone.  I have even searched for my phone while I was talking on it.  I have physically turned around and went back home because I forgot my phone.   


My keys.  “Everyone stop what you’re doing and find my keys.  We are not leaving this house – we cannot leave this house – until you find my keys!!”  

 I look for these things – I seek these things in desperation – because I need them.   


I sought the Lord… 

Am I desperate for Him like I’m desperate for my phone?  Or my keys? 


I sought the Lord… 

Do I have to turn my car around and go back home immediately because I didn’t spend time with the Lord – or do I say a rushed prayer – do I acknowledge Him at all?  


I sought the Lord… 

“Everyone stop what you’re doing so we can pray.  We are not leaving this house – we cannot leave this house -  until we ask the Lord for wisdom and direction over our day – and we have to be quiet and listen right now.” 


I sought the Lord… 

…and He answered me.  He delivered me from all my fears… and from all my stress.   

…I sought the Lord.  


To hear more on the topic of how to conquer stress, listen to Paula Brown’s message from November 8th.



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