The Age of the Loyalty Card

October 11, 2017

 ‘Just a minute!’ I gave a quick smile to the cashier as I fumbled for my keys; digging through the contents of my purse – past the gum wrappers, small toys, my wallet, tic-tacs, pens, and last week’s notes from church – ah! There it is!  I grasped the part of the key I could feel and I yanked it out of my purse.  A ring full of keys, keychains, and loyalty cards was suspended; swinging back and forth in front of the unimpressed cashier. 

‘Hold on! I’ve got it!’  I sifted through the cards, desperate to find the right one to get my points.  I could feel the glare of the customers behind me on the back of my head as they waited for their turn.  I found the right loyalty card and handed my keys to the cashier.  She popped her gum.  ‘That’s not it.’  What? Where am I?  I looked around, embarrassed that I had the wrong store.  I sifted through the cards again.  ‘Here it is’.  *pop* ‘That’s not it. It’s red.’  I finally found the card, she swiped it, and I sheepishly put my bags into the cart and without making eye contact, I rushed out the door.


Hungry, I pulled into my favorite sandwich restaurant.  Standing behind the counter, I ordered my usual – ‘yes, toasted.  Provolone.  Lettuce, tomato…cucumber…mayonnaise.  Yes.  To go.’  I pulled my purse off my shoulder and onto the counter.  Again, I found myself sifting through it looking for those keys with those cards.  Pulling the keys out, I once again struggled to find the right card.  I knew this one was yellow.  Come on, where is it?  I didn’t see it but I knew it was there – I’ll have to start at the beginning again.  Without looking up, I sifted through the cards again – ah, there it is.  *beep* my points were awarded and I grabbed my sandwich and a bag of chips and went on my way.


I spent my entire day; my week – my month – my entire year – popping in and out of stores all over town and swiping my loyalty cards at each one.  At the end of the year I looked up my balances – thousands of points scattered through dozens of cards.  Small rewards from each place; a meal here, a coupon there – but nothing significant.  Imagine if I had narrowed down my excursions and swiped my cards at fewer places – or what if there was a place where I could do it all – swipe my card, and be rewarded for being completely loyal to one place? 


James 1:6-8 says ‘But when you ask Him, be sure your faith is in God alone, do not waver {have shared loyalty}, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.  Such people should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.  Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do.’


Much like a loyalty card, the Lord rewards the ones who are focused.  When we go ask Google, Siri, friends, social media, and God all the same question, we are showing no loyalty to any of them; least of all to God.  The answers we receive will be scattered and confusing.  Truth will be mixed in and opinions will abound.  God wants us to get quiet before Him and ask our questions.  He was pleased when Solomon asked for wisdom – don’t hesitate – ask for wisdom every single day. 


Wake up early - ask the Lord, and nobody else.  When our chaotic methods of searching through cards and asking everyone what they think ends…we will be able to easily discern His voice – the voice of our Creator - and He will always answer.  Do not waver between God’s truth and man’s opinions.  Do not choose to be unstable.  Be loyal only to Him.  Ask only Him.


{Listen to Mrs. Paula Brown's whole teaching on the above topic by clicking here or go to}



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