A True Relationship

August 20, 2017

The weather was perfect. The sun glinted off her dark hair as the wind gently tossed it back and forth. Now was the time. I squeezed the hand of the one that I had chosen and as she turned to look at me, I carefully got down on one knee.

She gasped.

‘Will you marry me?’ I asked.

‘YES!’ She replied without hesitancy.


I stood up and she settled into my embrace. After a full minute, the one I loved pulled back from me and searching in her purse, handed me a folded paper. Confused, I opened a well-thought out schedule that she had been carrying for just this moment. My eyes skimmed the page and I looked up, confused.


The paper essentially said that once we were married, we would be home together once a week for approximately 2 hours. During this time, we would briefly catch up on our lives and go over the budget. The rest of her week would be spent nurturing other relationships, being on social media, and shopping. My thoughts swirled as she assured me that it would be wonderful.

‘We’re going to Disney World!’ Those words rushed over me like a refreshing wave. My husband had finally gotten some much-needed time off of work and as I packed our suitcases, I could hear the joyful chatter coming from the next room. Our family of 5 had been saving 2 years for this moment and with an unexpected check in the mail it was finally happening. Our airline tickets, rental car, and hotel were all reserved for this moment and we were so excited.


We boarded the plane and eagerly talked about what we might see. We picked up the rental car and drove straight to the hotel to unpack. The next morning, we followed our GPS right into the Disney parking lot. We found a parking spot and got in line to board the tram. As I helped our youngest one into his seat, the smiles were broad. He was shaking with anticipation about what he might see today. The tram drove around and around the parking lot, people getting on and off.


An hour later…‘Mommy…? When are we getting off?’ I heard my middle child’s question through the roar of the motor. ‘Oh, honey, we’re not getting off. This tram ride is what we came here to do.’ We rode that tram around and around the parking lot. We watched again and again as excited people got off and ran into the Theme park. As the day ended and the park closed, we carried our exhausted kids from their seats and back to the rental car. It was a great day. Tomorrow we would go back to Disney and ride the parking lot tram again.


These two scenarios sound ridiculous, don’t they? How can a relationship survive with other relationships and activities invading their time 24/7? How can a family vacation to Disney World be fun if we don’t even step into the park? And yet this is how many of us treat Christianity. We behave like a Christian for 2 hours on a Sunday morning.

We don’t go to the altar ~ we stay in our seats and observe others going forward and coming back.

We watch.

We yawn.

Is this all there is?


Get off the tram; there’s so much more!


{For more on this topic, listen to Pastor Dave’s 8/20/17 sermon.}



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