Fill Your Bucket

May 28, 2017

In addition to filling up their buckets at home, the 4 friends often met at the public fountain.  Laughing and splashing as they filled up their containers, each would leave refreshed and ready to go back to their difficult lives. 


Tina was a single mom who, although she struggled to make ends meet, always made sure that her bucket was clean and full.  Coming to the fountain was the highlight of her week as her young daughter splashed and giggled in the beautiful clear fountain while she carefully filled up.  Tina could often be found right in the center of the splashing water, eyes closed and arms lifted, soaking in the pureness of the gift.  Tina could be noted as the one who would easily throw back her head in a loud burst of laughter, it was obvious that she truly enjoyed the company of her friends as well as the fresh water that was provided.  It was a Sunday morning and just as Tina rounded the corner towards the fountain, she saw her best friend, Angel.  The families ran toward each other, excited to catch up on their lives.


Angel was a busy homeschool mom who was always seen zipping around town, taking her kids to different classes and activities.  Before her family woke up each morning, she would wash and fill her bucket at home, getting ready for another day.  Angel made sure that her time at the fountain was purposeful and she gave each of her children a container sized just right for them.  She and her husband, Sean, found great joy in raising their family; but they also were keenly aware of how important it was to keep clean and full buckets. Coming to the fountain was deemed necessary in this family – not only to fill up but also to pour out.  Angel’s family could often be found filling up, turning around, and pouring their water into the next person’s container.  What a joy to be around!  Soaked and happy, Angel, Sean, and Tina wiped the water from their eyes and noticed their other friend, Dave, was approaching.  


Even from far off, the trio could tell that Dave still hadn’t discovered the joy of the fountain.  Asking a nearby friend to keep an eye on their kids, they started towards Dave.  Dave had always been sort of a sour fellow.  Even after he received his bucket, he couldn’t seem to keep it clean - and it was nearly always empty.  Today was no different.  Sean approached his friend first – ‘hey buddy, can I help you with that?’ Dave gladly gave Sean the handle of his wagon.  Angel and Tina noticed that the wagon was full of all sizes of containers but each one hadn’t been cleaned or filled up in a very long time. The mud and filth of the world were obviously wearing on their friend and they were so glad that Dave was here and they were excited to help him experience the joy of coming to the fountain. 

As the 4 friends returned to the fountain, the children ran up ‘mommy! Mommy!’ they proclaimed amongst the giggles and sweetness of the day.  Angel and Tina swept up their children and ran back to the fresh water; showing them how to get the most of their time. 


Sean began unloading the containers from the wagon but Dave stopped him.  Sean was confused….’Dave, why did you even come...?  He motioned his hand towards the wagon.  ‘Why would you make the effort to bring all of these dishes, bottles, and buckets all the way to the fountain and then just stand on the outside?  Come inside with us!  Be refreshed – I’ll help you.  We’ll clean each container, fill them up, and I’ll show you how to enjoy the fountain.’  Sean, with a reassuring smile, tried to take Dave’s hand but Dave refused.  ‘No thanks, I’ll just stay out here.’  Dave left his wagon just out of reach of the splashing water and he stood next to it the entire time and just watched.  He saw women twirling, laughing, shouting, and crying.  Some knelt in the water, thankful for coolness that it provided.  He noticed men of all ages; some were jumping and smiling, some were standing with their hands up in the air, and some were more stoic and quiet – but all were obviously enjoying the refreshing fountain.  Children were everywhere.   Most had come with clean buckets to fill up again and many were refilling other’s buckets. 

Sadly, it was time to go.  Angel and Tina gave each other a giant hug.  Sean shook Tina’s hand and with a broad smile, promised that they would all meet again the following week.  As they started walking away from the fountain, they noticed Dave.   He was walking away, head down, wagon full of muddy containers – not one had been touched by the water.  They all loved Dave so much but honestly deep down inside, they wondered why he even made the effort to come to the fountain if he wasn’t going to enjoy it. 


*Due to copyright restrictions we were unable to record the Wednesday night teaching but please visit Calvary's website to listen to full sermons and teachings from other Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night services. 



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