Spiritual Depth

April 30, 2017

Thoughts from Part 2 of Pastor's Sermon on 4/30/2017. (Part 1 can be heard by clicking here or by visiting www.calvaryhampton.org/listen)


During greeting time at church this morning, I was excited to meet a new family; The ‘isms’. 


I had met Material-ism and Individual-ism last week, they were an interesting pair – but they had sent me a text this morning saying they would be spending their time shopping (instead of going to church) and that I should look for their extended family.


I looked around and noticed the new family immediately. I approached the dad first. I had been told that his name was Fatal-ism. 


When I walked up to him, he looked down and shook his head; a wide frown spread across his face and obvious worry draped over his shoulders like a heavy cloak. I smiled, welcomed him to the church, and asked him how his week had been. He was visibly pleased that I had asked and proceeded to tell me - ‘Very bad, actually. If you only knew my background, you would understand.  Nothing ever gets better. Everything hurts, everyone is mean, and I have no friends. My life is very difficult and I don’t have enough money. My car will never get fixed and  I’ll never have enough money.  I’ll never have friends.  I’m not good at anything.  My house will never be nice like everyone else’s, and nobody wants to be around me but I don’t understand why.’ 


Fatal’s wife came up behind him and although he was still mumbling, I easily turned my attention to her; thankful for the opportunity to clear my mind for a moment. She eagerly put out her hand.


‘Hello’, she said, ‘I’m Hedon-ism.’ I smiled, and before I could say anything, she continued. ‘If it feels good, I do it. I love to please myself, and I live to please others. I act like I’m still in Jr. High School and I cannot wait to be your bff! I’ll do anything for you unless it takes too much effort, or you hurt my feelings- then I’ll find a new bff, easy peasy. Make sure and tell me everything because we're besties for now! Hey! I brought my brother – would you like to meet him?’ 


Completely overwhelmed by both Fatal and Hedon, and desperately needing this moment to be over, I said ‘…sure.’  I mean, how much crazier could this family get?


Hedon introduced me to her brother, Pragmat-ism. Now this was an interesting fellow.  ‘Heyyyyy’, Pragmat slowly stood up and put his hand out. Nice to meet you, dude.’ He had a weak handshake and in just a few minutes I learned that Pragmat-ism was just as crazy as the rest of his family. With a ‘whatever works for you’ and ‘nothing is a sin as long as you’re sincere’ attitude I knew I’d struggle with this guy. I was finished with our brief conversation and I started back to my seat - I needed some time to think. Pragmat spun me around, looked me in the eye, and squinted as he said ‘please don’t ever tell me that I’m wrong, because truth is relative and correction is impossible. I’m doing good, so good. So far, so good….’  And he sank back down in his chair with his dark hair falling over his glasses.


My brain was spinning. Where did this crazy family come from? And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fatal bringing his teenage son; Human-ism my way. Oh boy.   


Human-ism gave me a big hug. ‘I am my own God!’ He proclaimed with animated glee.  Greeting time was over and I couldn’t get to my seat fast enough. 


I proceeded to listen to the worship and attempted to turn all of my focus onto the one true God – the Creator of the universe. I collected my thoughts, bowed my head, and prayed “Lord, if I have any of the traits that this family has, please show me and rid me of them. I want to be fully yours. And Father…help me to be friendly to these visitors. Help me to be sincere and to get to know each one of them, build their trust, and point them to You. I want to challenge them to spend quality time in the Word. Lord, help the 'ism' family to begin to build their life on your truth so they can find their complete identity in you. In your name, Amen”


And  the service began.


{Click here to listen to the whole sermon or check out www.calvaryhampton.org/listen}



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