Taste and See

April 26, 2017


Thoughts on - and quotations from – Pastor Dave’s teaching 4/26/17


It started several years ago.  There was a knock on the door and I was greeted by my King. We embraced and He served me the most delicious slice of cake I’d ever eaten.  It provided a parade to my palate; it was completely indescribable. 


To my delight, it wasn’t a one-time occurrence.  Each evening my King would greet me and we’d laugh, cry, and share our hearts as we ate the amazing dessert that he offered.  These sweet treats were like nothing I’d ever had before.  They gave me consistent energy way beyond any caffeinated drink and they helped me recall things I’d forgotten.  Each slice was unique, but every single morning I awoke with an excitement for the new day.  Sometimes as I went about my schedule, loved ones would ask about my new boldness; about the changes in my life – and I found that I although I could talk about my visits with the King, I stumbled over the wording  for the dessert every single time. 


It was awkward and a little confusing and I knew it would sound ridiculous.  If I dared to mention the cake, the ingredients were probably so exotic that nobody else could even have access to them, so I remained quiet for many months as I worked up the courage to ask about the recipe.


The days tumbled by and my King consistently served me this life-giving cake, I was changing dramatically.  I had a leap to my step and a joy down in my heart that I’d never felt before.  I finally decided to ask Him.  ‘My King…What’s in this cake? Is it available for purchase?’  My King looked at me and smiled… ‘It’s free.  And the ingredients are grown right here’.  He waved his arm towards my own yard, refrigerator, cabinets and heart.  This exotic and exquisite cake that I had been enjoying all this time only had a few simple ingredients and it was available to everyone.  Suddenly I felt a boldness about explaining the cake - and - although I’d always kept this detail to myself, I suddenly needed others to experience it - because it makes sense and it's attainable. 


Oh, Christian.  Oh, Pentecostal Christian.  Our prayer language is like this sweet dessert.  Communication between us and the Lord and yet, others don’t seem to understand.  A gift that is mentioned 35 times in the New Testament and yet most denominations embrace the other gifts and say this one is not for today.  Different kinds of tongues, some need interpretation to edify and build up the church, some are used in private to edify and build us up as believers.


Christian – look and see what the scripture says instead of asking others what they think! 


This is not a language that can be purchased from Rosetta Stone.  This is a heavenly language that is mentioned several times in the Word of God. Misunderstood and feared - and yet the power, boldness, and witness that comes from partaking of this free ‘dessert’ is undeniable and totally attainable for all believers.


Ask the Lord specifically about this gift – for the He has taken the thing that we have the most difficulty controlling (our tongue) and He uses it as the initial physical evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit.


~ mic drop


{Click here to listen to the whole teaching or visit www.calvaryhampton.org/listen}



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