Thoughts from Paula's Teaching

April 20, 2017

‘Haha! Papa likes me best!’


This is what I imagined my sister saying as she ran past me; her golden windswept hair reflecting the morning sun and practically covering her face as she erupted in giggles.  Of course she didn’t say this; it was my own mind playing tricks on me – but not without good reason. Kate always seems to be on Papa’s good side. She always receives the best gifts and she always glows as she talks about their time together.


For what I’m sure appeared to be no reason at all, I got up and ran to my room in tears. I couldn’t handle it for one more minute!  ‘Papa doesn’t love me at all!’ I cried out.  I didn’t realize that Kate had followed me; perplexed at my sudden change in mood. ‘What did you say? Why would you say that?’


‘Well, because Papa always gives you the best gifts.  He always talks to you, and he always – Kate interrupted me. ‘Papa brings you gifts too.  It’s just that you never come to our meetings to get them. He loves you.  He weeps for you.  We talk about you all the time.’ She wiped my tears and brought me to Papa’s big chair.  Indeed, just like Kate had said, a stack of unopened gifts was on the table, each with my name carefully printed on them in Papa’s writing.  His kind eyes and open arms overwhelmed me and I immediately fell into His embrace.  ‘One at a time’, He said. ‘Let me teach you how to use each one.’


And this is how it is in the church. We come, we sit, and we watch others use their gifts.  We watch others preach, teach, and prophesy. ‘Oh wow, he’s really close to God – look how God uses him.’ ‘She’s always surrounded by people.  She seems to have so much to give.’  And yet our gifts remain untouched, often unknown, stacked in our vacant meeting place.  We come into the church empty and tapped out because we’ve done the entire week in our own strength – trying to run the course with a ‘verse of the day’ or many of us running on nothing!  


The Word says (I Cor 12:31) ‘But earnestly desire and strive for the greater gifts’ and (I Cor. 14:1) ‘Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the spirit; especially prophecy.’


Earnestly and eagerly desire, strive for, follow – these words all require disciplineand a relationship with the one we’re seeking the gift from. 


Think back - how many times has the Lord used someone specific to give you strength, comfort, and direction at a critical moment?  This is the gift of prophecy!  How many times has someone approached you and brought peace and reassurance at just the right time?  Again, this is the gift of prophecy.  Spend time with the Lord.  Pour out onto His people. Rinse. Repeat.


I highly suggest you listen to Paula’s teaching from this week regarding one of the greatest gifts - ‘prophecy’. It will change your thinking on this gift. Approach God and be willing and yielded.  God  has amazing gifts – with YOUR name on them - that will benefit the believers around you; and like a funnel, as you’re pouring the oil over others, you’ll get covered in it too.  He loves you!  Seek! 


{Listen to the whole teaching at}






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