Unwrap the Gift

I first noticed the gift two years ago.  It was in a brightly colored bag and was sitting on a small table in the corner of my room.  At first I pretended not to notice it, random thoughts of the expressions I might have if it were presented to me.  The hours turned into days...weeks into months...and months into years. The gift sat, untouched and forgotten. 


I glanced outside and noticed a man confidently approaching my home. I'd seen him somewhere before and I frantically tried to recall the time and place.  He tapped lightly on the door and as I hesitantly opened it, I looked into his eyes.  The pure love and peace that I felt overwhelmed me.  My knees buckled and I fell to the ground. I remembered this man. This was the one who, when I was in the prison of my own mind...He came, He paid my debt, and He set me free. 


He knelt down and helped me to my feet and I ushered him into my home.  I started to offer him a meal. 'The gift'. My mind began racing as he repeated himself 'The gift. Are you enjoying it? My church - is she benefiting from it?  Have you been changed?' His questions poured over me; a slight smile on the edges of his mouth..an expectant gleam in his eye.


And then he stopped. He turned and he saw the bag. Untouched, unmoved, and covered in dust. 


Confusion filled his features as fear filled mine.  'why? Why didn't you open it? Didn't you wonder what it was?'




"And what about this one?"  He motioned to the table..to the gift that he had given me upon my release from prison. "Have you used this one? I told you to make sure and use it. I told you it would change the lives around you as well as your own. I told you..." 


"No." I interrupted him. No...I didn't know how to use it"


"Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you research?  Why didn't you ask?"  I stumbled for an answer, his gaze kind but firm. He continued "My church is covered in bandaids. And what they need is sitting here on your kitchen table.  


One gift sits here still wrapped for lack of faith, the other is unused for lack of discipline. I gave you these 2 gifts to benefit my church.  Unwrap them. Research them. Learn to use them. I promise you will never be the same."


"Ok", I said, with tears of regret washing down my cheeks. He reached over and wiped away my tears.  "I am not disappointed in you. I love you. But now that you know, you must unwrap what I gave you.  I have more gifts for you but you need to learn to use these first."


And so my journey began.  



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