MARCH 21, 2021 | "A Baby and a Bush" 

Hey Calvary Kids!

This week’s lesson is “A Baby and a Bush.”  Moses was scared to talk to Pharaoh. But God assured Moses that he would not be alone. God would help him. No matter how powerful Pharaoh was, God was greater, and He would use Moses to free His people. God is still greater than all of our worries and fears. And He is still with His people today. 


Watch the VIDEO LESSON and take some time to talk about it

with your parents or grown-ups at your home.

I love you all, and I’m praying for you.

Have a great week!    -Pastor Kelly

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Moses run away to Midian for forty years? 

    • (He killed an Egyptian.)

  • What did the voice of God say to Moses about His people? 

    • (His people were suffering.)

  • God told Moses that He had chosen him to free His people. What did God say when Moses said he could not do it? 

    • (“I’ll help you.”)


  • Use the Adventure Book throughout the week to help your student remember what they learned.

  • The Parent Page will help you guide your student through the lesson and discussion questions throughout the week.