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Preschool age lesson


Hey Calvary Kids!

 Watch the VIDEO LESSON and take some time to talk about it

with your parents or grown-ups at your home.

I love you all, and I’m praying for you.

Have a great week!    -Pastor Kelly


  1. Worship to our favorite songs below! Sing it loud and don't forget the motions! 

  2. Also, use your Adventure Book throughout the week to help you remember what you learned.

Bible Reference

When can

you pray? 

I can pray all

night and all day!

This Week's Point

"Morning, noon, and night…the Lord hears my voice."

Psalms 55:17

Memory Verse
Worship Songs
Video Lesson


Samuel did not know it was the Lord speaking to him at first. But when Eli told him it was the Lord, Samuel was ready to listen and obey. Samuel heard the Lord’s call and obeyed it faithfully for many years, until he was an old man.

Be sure to add the BIBLE APP for Kids to your phone Search “A Voice in the Night” 

Discussion Questions:

After your child watches the Bible lesson video, review these questions with them:

  • Who called out to Samuel during the night?

    • (The Lord)

  • What did Eli tell Samuel to say?

    • (“Speak, Lord, Your servant is listening.”)

  • What did the Lord tell Samuel to do?

    • (The Lord told him to be His prophet and pass on His words faithfully to His people.)

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