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elementary age lesson



Hey Calvary Kids!

In this series, kids will find out how to worship God honestly, with our whole hearts, for who He truly is. As we learn that worship is a genuine expression of love, admiration, and respect we feel towards God, we’ll grow closer to Him.

Watch the video lesson and take some time to talk about it with your parents or grown-ups at your home.

Have a great week!

- Pastor Kelly

Take the Challenge!!!

Open up the challenge card below and do all of the activities

to earn 25,000 more points! 
Have a grown-up text me or message me on Calvary Kids Facebook to let me know how many points that you’ve earned. 

We’ll save those points up each week to earn a prize!

Bible Reference

I’ll worship God

with all my heart!

This Week's Point

“...True worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth...”

John 4:23 NIRV

Memory Verse
Video Lesson


  • Discussion point with your kids:

    • Think about everything God’s done, how great and powerful He is, and show everybody the crazy amount of love and respect you have for Him!

      • That’s true worship

Discussion Questions:

  • Where did Jesus stop to rest?  

    • Samaria​​

  • What was the woman’s reaction to Jesus when he asked for water?

    • Surprised. 

    • Because she was from Samaria

  • What did Jesus offer her? 

    • Living water

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